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Frequently Asked Questions

A domain name is your website name. A domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website. A domain name is used for finding and identifying computers on the Internet. Computers use IP addresses, which are a series of number. However, it is difficult for humans to remember strings of numbers. Because of this, domain names were developed and used to identify entities on the Internet rather than using IP addresses. !

Yes. The Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy, applicable to all ICANN -accredited registrars, provides that registered name holders must be able to transfer their domain name registrations between registrars. You must wait 60 days after the initial registration or any previous transfers to initiate a transfer.!

First of all, congratulations on buying your domain. You just unlocked the gates to World Wide Web for you. Now you need to follow 3 steps to get your site live.
1. Get A Web Hosting Plan: Buying a domain name is half of the battle. It's like having a name for your business. Now you need to setup an office. For online, web hosting place is your office where you'll keep your site's files, images, texts, etc. Though all of the domain registrars offer web hosting, it's not a good idea to buy web hosting from a domain registrar. Instead, you should buy web hosting from a renown host like Bkhost.
2. Install WordPress: To run your site, you need to install a CMS/Platform on your host. WordPress is the most popular and user-friendly CMS. It's very easy to install WordPress on your web host.
3. You can contact our team for website setup !

To purchase your domain Goto aboove section & search your domain name after search if your domain name is available just click on checkout After payment our team will call you for setup !

For better Seo Rank & security best domain is require not Rs 99 domain so if you want to get best position in search engine choose our domain & for best Google ranking .com .net .org is best.Our renwal price & purchase price is same But if you purchase Rs 99 domain you will pay 1999 & more for renewal !